Zip Code Parity

There are resources in every part of the globe, most are naturally provided. Unfortunately, the greed of man has extracted and exploited specific resources to give an advantage of power over others. Consequently there is no parity in the life of mankind. Zip Code Parity is a parody on bridging the gap of greed.

Specifically, the USA has to synergize greater attention toward equity practices at every level of community development. For example, there is no way that a nation can go through a of attempting to mitigate the Covid-19 coronavirus and when there is a vaccine a backlash from the community that the vaccine cannot be trusted.

Where in the national activity does the lack of trust come so rapidly, when the motto was ‘we are all in this together’ and the response is a vaccine is not for me.

There is considerable pronouncement in America that ‘we are all in this together’. This sentiment is based on the Pandemic, but it should be a normal part of living. People are living beings having to depend on one another. This is not that capitalism has to be thrown out, but it does mean that opportunity has to be preserved as the most moral part of human existence.

Subterfuge in the workplace runs uncheck and highly rampant, where backstabbing is an ever ready revenge tactic, giving complete unjustified conspiracies’ of murder, theft, destruction and toppled power as a routine practice.

We all in this together can be summarized with ‘unity’ for all who dwell in freedom. Unity is being tested with the change in leadership to be an orderly transfer of power, where we can celebrate the unity that keeps us free.

Parity thinking provides for space to create together a national spirit of trust. Where this pandemic delivers presumed peril, unity can bring about effective and efficient living as one. Thinking parity is not unity of opinion where confidence in friendship and warm love of being is the constant thought.

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